Coleridge Mini-Park Neighbors Exasperated by City Inaction on Safety Lighting

Neighbors on Supervisor Campos’ office: “it’s insulting that I’m good enough to ask for a vote during election season but he can’t move the needle on a persistent public safety issue.”



For a year and a half, a group of neighbors who live near the Coleridge Mini-Park have been in contact with city officials and representatives from Supervisor Campos’s office to upgrade the street lighting in the area and make it safer at night. So far, however there has been a lot of talk, but little action. Neighbor Valerie summarizes what’s happened — and not happened — so far:

We wanted to tell you about the efforts that have been made by neighbors here to get better lighting in the Coleridge Mini Park. Our effort has involved multiple calls to 311, SFPD, and Carolyn at Supervisor Campos’ office to follow up.

The initial meeting with representatives from Supervisor Campos’s office was October(ish) of 2014. By early February 2015, they essentially gave us the classic City response of “we hear you, but we can’t do anything about it.” We were basically told that they couldn’t…

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David Campos Introduces Proposal to Make Mission Housing Even More Expensive, Homeowners and Landlords Even More Wealthy

Bernalwood on point as usual on how wrongheaded and ridiculous David Campos’ housing proposal is.



As you probably know, Bernal neighbor David Campos represents District 9 on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Yesterday, he introduced a proposed ordinance that would deliver a windfall to Mission District homeowners and provide new incentives for Mission District landlords to evict existing tenants.

Supervisor Campos calls his proposal a “Temporary Moratorium on Market Rate Development,” and he says it is intended to halt displacement and maintain diversity in the Mission. In reality, it will almost certainly do the opposite. The San Francisco Business Times broke the story about the Campos proposal:

Voters will be asked in November whether to halt market-rate housing construction in the Mission District if neighborhood activists have their way, the Business Times has learned.

Edwin Lindo of the San Francisco Latino Democratic Club said Monday that a coalition of affordable housing and progressive groups soon will submit a potential ballot measure to the city attorney that would delay…

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Campos Concedes Defeat in State Assembly Race as New Day Brings New Opportunities

Good summation of the election.



The Duel of the Dual Davids has reached its conclusion, and there can be only one.

After a few days of nail-biting uncertainty, our D9 Supervisor and Bernal Heights neighbor David Campos has conceded to David Chiu in the battle for the District 17 State Assembly seat.

The Campos concession came via Facebook:

A few moments ago I called David Chiu to congratulate him on his win in the Assembly race.

As I write this my thoughts are with Supervisor Harvey Milk. Forty-two years ago Harvey made a similar call when he lost his own race for the 17th Assembly district by fewer then 4,000 votes. It was one of many races that Harvey lost, in fact he was only a supervisor for 11 months before his murder. And yet the message that is most associated with him is that of hope. Right now my heart is filled with hope.

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Campos vs. Chiu: Your Bernal Heights Microhood Voting Analysis for Election 2014

Check out this cool breakdown of the Campos/Chiu race and of the Soda Tax!



Happy Day After Election Day! Today you can savor the clarity of a (mostly) known election outcome and the knowledge that your mailbox will no longer overflow with huge stacks of election-related direct mail. Today, it’s all about the results  — and the punditry about what those results tell us.

On that last score, Bernalwood is very fortunate to have some of the most clever readers in the entire universe. Specifically, we speak here of Neighbor Patrick, who has done us the great service of looking at some key returns from yesterday’s vote through the prism of the Official Guide to the Microhoods of Bernal Heights.

Neighbor Patrick has broken down the results of the David Campos vs. David Chiu contest for the District 17 Californa State Assemby seat by Bernal microhood. He then did the same for Prop E, the Soda Tax measure, to see how it fared here in…

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So-Called “Twitter Tax Break” Netted City More In Mid-Market Tax Revenue

Kim-Mai Cutler just wrote about the City Controller’s recent report on the “Twitter tax break” (Mid-Market Tax Exclusion) and discusses whether or not it was a success.

Things aren’t as simple as “corporations are evil” in the real world. Sure, companies exist to profit (AND make products we use), but incentives matter and they can lead to good outcomes if done correctly. Despite what the far left advocates, “tax them to hell” is not a reasonable policy approach. We need to identify the sweet spot where companies are responsibly taxed and pay their fair share – without disincentivizing them to leave. What we should not do is listen to the groups who demand an increase in city services while simultaneously fighting against policies that produce the revenue that will pay for those city services. We cannot have better transit and safer streets and more housing without creating mechanisms to fund them. There are people who believe that there is no tipping point, and that companies will stay in SF no matter what the tax structure is.

But as Cutler writes:

“So was it a success? If Twitter and other tech companies had decided to leave San Francisco, then yes. The city would have lost all the tax revenue and it probably still would have had the same housing and transit capacity issues because Twitter employees would have still lived in the city. (No, they wouldn’t have lived in Brisbane. That city is a municipal oddity in the Bay Area, with just 4,000 people and some of the highest city tax revenues per capita because it has all this industrial and office space and hardly any housing.)”

Makes sense to me. Read Cutler’s always-good analysis and the Controller’s Report linked at the bottom to come up with your own conclusions.

Secession Art & Design Staying in Bernal, Moving North on Mission, Seeking Your Support

A great neighborhood art/design/fashion shop is relocating close by, but needs our help! Check them out and donate here, they are giving some neat gifts as a token of appreciation. Let’s support our local businesses –



We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Secession Art & Design is a Bernalwood treasure. Part creative studio, part art gallery, part fashion boutique, owner Eden Stein’s has carved out a very special place for Secession’s store on Mission just across from our Taoist Safeway.

But Secession is also vulnerable to the winds of change, which now  require a move up the street to 3235 Mission, the former SoCha Cafe/former Dell’uva Wine Bar space, a few blocks north near Valencia. Eden explains:

After 7 wonderful years, we are excited to announce that Secession Art & Design will be relocating to a new location. Our store, gallery and studio is moving two short blocks up the street, from 3361 Mission St to 3235 Mission St. Like many things in life, what began as a pretty daunting experience has turned into an inspiring opportunity.

When we heard in August of this year that…

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Reminder: Celebrate the Giants respectfully

As all baseball fans know, our Giants have been on a remarkable run. One more championship, and we reach dynasty status. Hell, with 3 World Series appearances in 6 years, we might already be there, win or lose (but we’ll win). Let’s not forget how special this run is. Very, very few teams, fans, and cities get to enjoy this in a lifetime. There is still NOTHING like sports that can bring a city together. 

Unfortunately every victory celebration has also brought out THE WORST IDIOTS in our city. The Mission has been the meeting ground for these cowards who see mass celebrations an excuse to vandalize our city and get away with it. I try not to let it get to me, but the euphoria from our championships has definitely been tainted by watching some of these losers swarm in and wreck my neighborhood. I know the SFPD gets stretched thin, but let’s hope we get more officers around the Mission for our next championship celebration. Eve Batey of SFist goes over some of the changes the SFPD will implement this time around, and it’ll definitely help.

While out of control sports celebrations aren’t unique to San Francisco, our recent success on the field has provided the opportunities for these anarchists to come out. Snap pics if you see something awful happen, that’s how the fools who lit a MUNI bus on fire (with people inside) got caught.

Here’s a reminder of what happens when celebrations get out of control.

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Shakedown at 490 South Van Ness: David Campos is for Sale

Well things are getting interesting: It looks like David Campos has been abusing the powers of his office as District Supervisor to solicit donations for his cash-strapped Assembly campaign by holding new planning projects hostage.

Regular readers know I don’t exactly harbor a great love for my Supe. In fact, his brand represents everything I disdain about politics – grandstanding and finger pointing instead of responsible governing and legislating. His extreme rhetoric is well-calibrated to his angry base.

Campos has spent six years calling himself the champion of the people of the Mission, making himself out to be morally pure and above the so-called corrupting influence of lobbyists and corporate interests. Well, the recent approval of a new housing development in the Mission reveals that for the right donation (and not even a very big one at that), Campos is willing to turn his back on all those lefty values. Start your bidding!

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